Lilliam Rivera

Lilliam Rivera is the author of the young adult novel The Education of Margot Sanchez.



"The Education of Margot Sanchez will be translated in Spanish by Vintage Español, available November 2019

Named "21 YA Queens of Color" by Buzzfeed

Selected to be part of MailChimp's Read This Summer program, by author Shea Serrano

Nominated for a 2019 Rhode Island Teen Book Award

"Driving With Faith" Interview in Matador Review

"Best Best" - New York magazine's The Cut

"Young People are Our Hope - Talking With Lilliam Rivera" Interview in The Rumpus

Named "2018 Top Ten New Latino Authors to Watch and Read" by Latino Stories

Named one of the "Best Young Adult Novels of 2017" by Pop Sugar

Nominated for Best Fiction for Young Adults by the Young Adult Library Services Association"In 'Margot Sanchez,' A Teen Grows Up And Learns To Love The Bronx" - NPR Weekend Edition interview

"While issues such as gentrification, family dysfunction and sexism frame the novel, there is plenty of room for Rivera’s honest and heartwarming portrayal of Margot, a girl who makes mistakes, seeks forgiveness and creates herself anew." - Reviewed by the New York Times

"Inspired by elements of Rivera’s upbringing in the South Bronx, this YA debut is an illuminating look at gentrification, dysfunctional families, dealing with peer pressure, the desire to fit in, and ultimately finding your own voice." - Q&A via

"Lilliam Rivera was convinced that Latinas don't have drinking problems. Until she faced the fact that she was one who did." - On Coming to Terms With My Alcoholism, a personal essay for Lenny Letter

"In Margot’s world, race and class are writ large, as per YA; beneath them is the generational ripple effect experienced within families that aspire to assimilate." Interview via Remezcla

A great read with a cover to proudly showcase on your bookshelf." - Margot Sanchez is named Rioters' Favorite Book Covers of 2017 So Far via BookRiot

There are so many stories that need telling and Rivera’s story serves as inspiration to spread those stories far and wide — and to write one if you have one that needs telling." - Author Lilliam Rivera on the importance of Latinx voices and The Education of Margot Sanchez via Hello Giggle

"This exquisite debut introduces a spirited and memorable protagonist in a coming of age tale that's certain to become a classic." - NBC News features Margot Sanchez in 7 Excellent Coming of Age Books By and About Latinas

I want readers to see that there is no one way of living, that the paths are different for each young person." - Author Interview: Lilliam Rivera brings us to the Bronx in her YA debut ‘The Education of Margot Sanchez’ via Hybable

Interview on 88 Cups of Tea Podcast With Yin Chang

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"You’ll fall in love with Margot Sanchez, a grocery store cashierista with a really bad shopping habit, whose journey to figure out what’s really important will captivate you." - Meet the YA Author Rewriting Pretty in Pink via Brit+Co

The Education of Margot Sanchez is included in Bustle's Nine 2017 Releases From Latinx Authors To Add To Your TBR This Women's History Month

The Education of Margot Sanchez becomes a novel full of heart about trying to find your place in the world." - Paste names Margot Sanchez one of The 10 Best New Young Adult Books in February 2017


"I was this shy girl living in the housing projects in the Bronx and his strangeness spoke to me." - Flavorwire's The Sweetest Debut: Lilliam Rivera on Bowie, Star Wars, and Trying to Stay Calm Post-Trump

"An especially powerful look at gentrification and how that impacts small, family-owned businesses." - BookRiot's 3 on a YA Theme: Money, Class, & Power

"For Santos and Rivera, getting a book like Margot Sanchez into the hands of young Bronx readers is another chapter in shifting the borough’s narrative: As it transforms, who will determine what stays and what goes? And who will be charged with telling the Bronx’s story?" - Fusion features Lilliam Rivera and Bronx bookseller Noelle Santos on How Two Women of Color Are Flipping the Script on Bronx Stereotypes

"All the elements of a classic teenage drama are in effect—the infuriating parents, the party that could make or break a tenuous high school life, romantic prospects. But Rivera's book also explores further terrain: race, class, and identity." - Los Angeles Times names Lilliam Rivera a 2017 Face to Watch

"Hilarious, touching story." - Teen Vogue lists The Education of Margot Sanchez as one of 10 Diverse Books by YA Authors of Color to Read in 2017

"This novel is a bildungsroman for brown girls and anyone who's ever felt like they don't fit in." - Lenny Letter

"You had me at Pretty in Pink comes to the South Bronx." - Bustle Magazine names The Education of Margot Sanchez one of the most anticipated young adult debuts of 2017

"Margot's lofty attitude and personal angst are expertly done and will hook readers from the first page. A delightful read." RT Book Reviews give The Education of Margot Sanchez 4.5 stars and a Top Pick

The Education of Margot Sanchez listed as one of "15 Most Anticipated YA Debuts of 2017" by Barnes & Noble

"Debut novelist Rivera doesn’t sugarcoat Margot’s conflicted life as the teenager juggles the sexist attitudes from the men in her family, the judgments from “cashieristas” at the store and her party-happy Somerset friends alike, romantic conflicts involving boys from school and the neighborhood, and family crises that arise. Margot makes mistakes, misplaces her trust, and gradually reestablishes who she is in an emotional story about class, race, hard work, and finding one’s place." - Publishers Weekly

"Quickly eschewing the trappings of a typical romance, this book showcases Margot’s clashing identities as a teen struggling to define herself despite the expectations of her immigrant parents. The depiction of economic disparity, racism, and identity in the age of social media are intentionally inconclusive; Margot (and the reader) must grapple with them. A debut of great candor, depth, and empathy." - American Library Association's Booklis

"Introducing Lilliam Rivera, one of the most unique and exciting new voices in YA. The Education of Margot Sanchez is funny, poignant, compelling and authentic. She nails the music and conflict of an evolving Bronx, New York. I adore this novel." - Matt de la Peña, Newbery Award–winning author of Last Stop on Market Street

"In the hands of debut novelist Lilliam Rivera, Margot's choices— which friends? which boy? which future? — take on a tense urgency. Lively and telling, smart and compelling, Margot Sanchez is a character to take to your heart and Rivera a voice to remember." - Karen Joy Fowler, author of The Jane Austin Book Club

"The Education of Margot Sanchez feels as classic as Judy Blume and, at the same time, entirely new. It’s a rich, page-turning tale about a teenage girl stuck between a rock and the growing-up place." - Veronica Chambers, author of Mama's Girl and The Go-Between

"The Education of Margot Sanchez shatters the myth of assimilation by exposing the loss and ache that comes with it. Instead, Lilliam Rivera tells the reader that there is nothing more powerful and beautiful than staying true to oneself." - Isabel Quintero, author of Gabi: A Girl in Piece

"With a passionate voice, Lilliam Rivera weaves a layered and complex story of a girl awakening to herself and her family." - Cecil Castellucci, author of Tin Star